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5 Things to Consider to Create Your Perfect Shower

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

With so many options available it can seem overwhelming trying to decide on your new shower layout, size and colour. We have put together a list of 5 helpful things to consider when planning your new shower.

The size of your shower

black shower enclosure with white marble wet wall panels

If you are simply replacing a shower then your size will be determined however if you are looking to re-design the full room then you will have the option to determine your own shower size. The minimum shower tray size is around 800x800mm if you are tight for space. You can design as large a shower as you like, it's important to take into account who uses the shower, what you will be storing in there and the room that leaves within the rest of the room.

Where the glass will go

modern light blue tiled bathroom

There are lots of options for how you would like the glass of your shower enclosure to look from a single open ended panel to a fully enclosed quadrant enclosure. If you are looking for a seamless, modern walk in shower then using minimal glass has a great affect. However, if you prefer to keep your shower area more enclosed you can opt for a door enclosure while maintaining the minimalistic look.

Tile design

modern brushed brass shower enclosure with blue herringbone tiled walls

With so many options available, choosing your shower tiles can be overwhelming. Make it easier by incorporating more than one tile if you like more than one! Combine your two favourite tiles using herringbone effect or tile one wall with one tile and one wall with another. Be as creative as you like - this will be an eye catching feature in your room!

The type of shower floor your prefer

Scandinavian style wooden bathroom design with double vanity unit

Most homeowners opt for slip-resistant, low maintenance shower trays - these are highly practical and look great with any design. However that does not mean you are limited to this option only. Opt for a spa like shower base such as pebbles or perhaps a Scandinavian wooden base to add some character to your shower.

Your ideal fixtures

modern blue bathroom tiles with brass showerhead

Fixtures are now available in chrome, brass, nickel, black and white so there's something to match every style. However it's not just about the colour and style of your fixtures - you have to think about what kind of shower head you want and do you need an additional handheld? Some homeowners install a rain shower head to project the luxury spa atmosphere while others opt for the convenience of a small handheld shower.


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