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Why Choose Silestone Worktops for your Kitchen?

If you're looking for a highly durable, easy to clean and visually impressive worktop then Silestone Quartz is perfect for your new kitchen. Discover the benefits and why we choose to work with this luxury brand in our blog post below:


White and gold Silestone kitchen worktop.

Silestone is made of 93% real quartz stone and 7% resins and additives. A highly resistant and non-porous surface is produced by combining a number of basic elements under great heat and pressure. Daily wear and tear will not scratch Silestone and it's low porosity makes it highly resistant to stains making it perfect for a busy, functioning, family kitchen.

High quality

Bespoke black and wood kitchen with black marble Silestone worktops.

The finest pure quartz stone is used to make Silestone. In addition to producing artificial stones, Cosentino is also the owner of natural stone in a number of nations, including Spain, Brazil, and India. This means that the team can extract the highest grade quartz stone in order to make Silestone. As a result, the countertop has outstanding quality and finishes that give it a sleek, attractive appearance.

Range of colours

Brown and grey kitchen design with large Silestone island.

Silestone comes in a variety of colours to suit any style of kitchen from dark and modern to bright and traditional. If you are looking for versatile surfaces, you won’t be disappointed with Silestone. The stone are available in every possible colour and pattern that you can think about. From industrial styles to modern, classic and artsy, there is a Silestone worktop for every taste.

25 Year Warranty

Luxury white and gold kitchen design with white Silestone worktops and kitchen island.

When you buy a Silestone worktop you receive total peace of mind with a 25 year warranty. Because of its strength and durability, the brand offers real value for money when compared to other materials such as wood or laminates which deteriorate over time.


Black and white marble Silestone by Dekton kitchen worktop.

Your worktop will be one of the main features in your new space and it's important that the thickness, style and finish match the overall style of your kitchen. You can choose Silestone polished quartz is the most popular finish from the brand, as it offers a high-sheen surface that adds luxury to any space. Besides looking amazing, a polished quartz stone brings light into dark spaces and can also make small spaces look bigger. In addition, Silestone also offers Suede, Volcano and Raw Finishes.


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