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Top 10 Tips: How To Plan For Your Dream Kitchen

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Plan your way to a perfect kitchen with this handy guide. Whether you’re looking to create a special family hub or an opulent open space for entertaining in, planning is essential in achieving your end goal.

Creating your dream kitchen is the most exciting yet stressful project you’ll probably ever undertake. To help you along your journey, we’ve put together these top 10 tips…

Schuller German kitchen design in Stirling

Assess your current kitchen

Make a list of everything you like and dislike about your kitchen. Whether it’s your sizeable fridge freezer, ample worktop space or a dark and dingey area that you never make use of.

To create your dream kitchen can you make use of your current space or does it need opening up? To create a modern, open plan space most people knock the wall down between the kitchen and dining room. Significant structural work will obviously increase your budget so bear this in mind.

Think about the functionality of what you want to achieve with your new kitchen. Is it a space where you want your little ones to play in whilst you’re cooking, an area for friends and family to relax in whilst you host a dinner party or simply a place to prepare meals for the two of you? Whatever it may be, think of who will use the space and how you envisage using it.

luxury green kitchen units

Plan your appliances early

Making use of existing plumbing, gas or electrical supplies is an easier and more affordable option. However, if you’re having a complete transformation with extra appliances or an island installed, pin-point on a rough plan where you need your new utilities.

Plug points are also a key feature, and they need to have enough power to be able to supply certain appliances such as an induction hob. Think about it logically as to where you want your appliances. A common industry term is the kitchen triangle, where you maximise the use of your space between the cooker, sink and fridge.

kitchen tiles and shelves with lighting

Layout your lighting

Most people forget about the importance of lighting when designing their kitchen. Don’t let it be an afterthought, make it a key feature and integrate it into your design such as lights above your cooker. You’d be surprised how much it makes a difference to the ambience and practicality of your design, especially to a north facing kitchen. To assess your lighting needs, think about how you use your kitchen in the first place. If you’re a keen cook you’ll need plenty of practical lighting for your worktops and if you’re integrating a breakfast bar, low-level pendant lighting will illuminate the space perfectly.

luxury kitchen with island and stools

Gather inspirational pieces

This is your chance to showcase your style and personality, however where to start with the look of your kitchen can be one of the most difficult yet exciting parts of your journey. Creating a Pinterest mood board is a great starting point by taking inspiration from other designs, as well as colour palettes, accessories, lighting and appliances.

Collate the images and features you like the look of, whether it’s a rose gold tap, concrete style units or herringbone flooring. Even something simple like a retro patterned plate, a sample of wallpaper or a pretty tile is a perfect starting point for choosing a theme or colour scheme.

new kitchen design in Stirling

Browse kitchen displays

Now you’ve got your inspiration to hand, why not take time to peruse a range of kitchens on display, to get a feel of what you’re looking for. Here at Bathroom & Kitchen Planet we have over 30 working displays. Our showroom has a relaxed atmosphere where your children and even your pooch is welcome to pop in and have a browse.

luxury kitchen cabinets with lighting

Bring your dream kitchen to life with our designers

There’s no doubt about it, a professional kitchen designer is invaluable. Their experience and expertise will mean your space is maximised and it’s as efficient as possible.

It’s the most magical part of your journey where your space will be brought to life in a 3D design. Don’t forget to bring your mood board and inspirational pieces with you, so our expert designer can gauge your vision.

German kitchen design with wooden floor tiles

Plan your budget

Look at your list that you made right at the beginning about the positives and negatives of your current space and how you want to use it. This will help you determine what you really need.

Your designer will help you spread your budget across the best areas of your kitchen suited unique to you.

luxury marble kitchen worktops

Add those finishing touches

It’s a joyous moment stood in your newly fitted kitchen and it’s everything you’ve ever wished for. However, it will always be missing something if you haven’t added those finishing touches. It’s the little details that make a difference and can make an inexpensive kitchen look a million dollars. Adding quirky, copper handles can transform simple cabinetry and Scandi inspired bar stools can create a feature of a breakfast bar. Gone are the days of uniform accessories. By showcasing your favourite collated items with eye-catching displays, it will let your personality shine through and make it feel more homely.

Book a design consultation with our expert kitchen designer today to start the process!

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