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Luxury walk in wardrobe with glass sliding doors.


A spacious bedroom featuring a sizable bed and a glass sliding door wardrobe for ample storage.


Our bedroom furniture is the perfect solution for those who wish to bring a splash of style and organisation to their home. 

Thoughtfully tailored to you and your home, our bespoke furniture is expertly designed and handcrafted to suit your lifestyle and storage needs. Offering an unrivalled and personable service, our talented team of designers will deliver the highest quality dressing rooms and sliding wardrobes.


Raumplus are at the heart of quality bedroom furniture solutions. The German engineered brand stands for clever and innovative room solutions to exceptional standard. Every bespoke solution is manufactured to the highest quality with a 10 year manufacturers guarantee ensuring complete peace of mind when designing your new bedroom storage solutions.

Bespoke Raumplus sliding door wardrobe in a coomb ceiling.
Spacious walk-in closet with open shelves for easy organisation.
A luxury bedroom with a glass sliding door wardrobe featuring a built-in TV.


Our dedicated team of expert designers have years of experience with an unsurpassed level of passion and attention to detail to deliver truly beautiful and unique wardrobe designs.

Perhaps you have a good idea of what you are looking, or maybe you need some inspiration to spark your imagination, pop into our new Bedroom Showroom in Stirling.


We want your closet to match your personality and fit seamlessly with the aesthetic of the room, while it can also be constructed to suit your specific requirements.

Do you need a lot of hanging space for your formal wear? We can incorporate that. Perhaps you have a sizeable shoe collection, and you need plenty of racks to house them all? That’s no problem either. When you come to us, you’ll get a fully customised wardrobe and you can guarantee it’ll be one of a kind.

Bespoke bedroom wardrobe design with sliding doors.
Raumplus bespoke walk in wardrobe with tinted sliding doors.


Your journey always begins with a conversation with our expert bedroom designers to learn about our design and installation process.

Find inspiration from our brochure and showroom to shape your own ideas and discuss them with your designer.

Book a design consultation with our bedroom designer today to get your journey started. 

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