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Shower, Bathtub or Both?

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Of all the details and decisions that go into a major bathroom renovation project, none is more impactful on the room’s final look, feel, and layout than your choice of bathtub, shower, or both.

luxury black freestanding bathtub

Personal Bathing Preference

Whether you’re a “shower person” or a “bath person” at heart, chances are you’re a shower person by default most days of the week, when self-care is a quick and automatic process for most busy adults, not a leisurely activity.

Showers are usually more of a necessity and baths are more of an indulgence for most people.

It's advisable to always include a shower in your main bathroom if showering is a standard part of your daily self-care routine.

brand new walk in shower design in stirling

Bathroom Layout & Space

The layout and overall space of your bathroom can help narrow your options when it comes to choosing between a shower, bath or both. If space is not a problem then you are able to have a spacious walk in shower and separate freestanding bath. If you are trying to work around a smaller space you may have to opt for a more traditional over bath shower or choose between a bath and a shower.

shower over bath new bathroom design

Water Use & Green Living

If green living is important to you, you should know how your choice can affect your water usage. Showers are generally a more ecological choice, as the average shower uses less water than the average bath, even when you don’t fill the tub: an 10-minute shower uses about 17 gallons of water, while the typical bath uses about 24 gallons of water.

Given that bathing accounts for the third-largest use of water in the average home, opting for a shower is always the greener choice. Installing a low-flow showerhead, which conserves water and heating energy without sacrificing water pressure, can make your shower even greener.

large white freestanding bathtub

Current and Future Purpose

The main purpose of a bathroom must remain practicality and functionality. It's important to consider what you use your bathroom for and more importantly who uses it. While it’s true that a tub is simply a more relaxed bathing option for some, it’s a necessity for many others. Young families need a tub to bathe their babies and small children; dog owners who don’t want to have to rely on a groomer also benefit from having a tub. Consider you and your family's needs before making your final decision.

modern black and white bathroom

Making Your Final Decision

When it comes to making your final decision practicality has to be top of your list. It's important your shower and/or bath suits your daily routine and is suitable for every member of your family. Your expert bathroom designer will take all your needs and wants into account and advise you on what they think is the best option or combination for your home. Take advantage of their expert knowledge and pop into our Stirling showroom for a chat today.


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