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One Of These Features Could Elevate Your Standard Bathroom

Often, it's the details that elevate a bathroom from standard to spectacular. It can be details such as texture, finish and materials. Take a look at our bathroom designer's ideas below to see how you could transform your bathroom with one small change.

Focus on finishes

modern wooden panel bathroom splashback and wooden vanity unit

Texture is a key element when it comes to transforming a basic bathroom interior into a contemporary space. Adding texture using a few different materials is a great way to add depth to a bathroom. Our bathroom designer is enjoying using wood as a new element in our bathroom designs at the moment.

Add metallic elements

dark blue modern bathroom design with brass shower and wooden vanity unit

Add an element of luxury to your bathroom with metallic fixtures and fittings. Adding brass fittings against a darker colour is particularly effective. Brass elements will compliment the rest of the bathroom while adding a stylish element. Our bathroom designer recommends to keep the metal the same throughout the whole room.

Play with pattern

minimal modern wooden bathroom design with hexagonal tiles

Patterned tiles are a fantastic way to bring life to any bathroom without changing your colour scheme. Play around with shapes and even layout using ordinary tiles. By using pattern on one main wall you can create a feature wall which looks modern and authentic. Stick to one pattern to keep the room clean and aesthetic.

Feature your bathtub

luxury black bathroom with white freestanding bathtub

A freestanding bathtub is the perfect addition to take your bathroom to the next level. With various styles available from modern, smooth tubs to traditional clawfoot tubs there is a style to suit any bathroom. They serve as a luxurious focal point and you can even place them on a platform or surrounded by pebbles to elevate the design.

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