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Schuller Targa kitchen design with Silestone worktops.



The unique combination of materials and finishes brought together to create a harmonious and visually captivating space is what really sets this kitchen apart from the rest. The use of warm Cremona wood alongside the textured bronze door finish is a brilliant touch that adds warmth and character to the design. 

Schuller Cremona wood kitchen design.

The black Silestone worktop, with its impeccable quality and durability, provides the perfect balance of functionality and style. We made sure there were clever and practical storage solutions throughout the space. The double galley layout if perfect for framing the spectacular views outside of the home.

Schüller Cremona + Silestone Corktown Quartz + Schüller Targa Bronze

Schuller Cremona
Silestone Corktown Quartz
Schuller Targa Bronze

The kitchen is fully equipped with state-of-the-art appliances from AEG, ensuring that every culinary creation is executed with precision and ease. The AEG induction hob, a true chef’s delight, boasts advanced technology for efficient and seamless cooking. The 1810 Company sink and tap blends perfectly with the stunning black worktop.

German kitchen with black Silestone worktops.
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