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Why Is Wall Hung Bathroom Furniture So Popular?

With many homeowners trying to make their bathrooms more functional, wall-mounted bathroom furniture is a fantastic design choice solution. It's streamlined and multi-purpose so adding it to the bathroom can invigorate your space bringing with it many additional advantages.

What Is Wall Hung Bathroom Furniture

luxury blue wall hung vanity unit with white sit on basin

Wall-hung furniture is designed to be attached to a wall or hung from it. This means it’s taken off the floor and suspended at a height to suit. The effect is an illusion of floating and an increased floor area as your bathroom is opened up. There are several wall-hung furniture types available for the bathroom including wall hung toilets, basins, and units.

The Illusion Of More Space

sea green utopia wall hung vanity unit and bathtub

Wall-hung bathroom furniture is ideal for smaller bathrooms as it creates the illusion of space. There is more floor space available which immediately creates more space in the room. As the light is allowed to flow uninterrupted underneath these units, it can help greatly to open up the room and allow light to stream freely through it.

Keeping The Room Tidy

luxury wall hung WC pan and black flush plate

Wall-hung units help keep the floor free from clutter and dirt and are therefore easier to manoeuvre around when it comes to cleaning underneath them. This allows you to cut your cleaning time down significantly.

Extra Storage Solutions

modern wooden wall hung vanity unit with drawer and white basin

Wall-hung vanity units can be modified to create a most personalised but thoroughly practical space. Offering a place for items usually left on and around the basin, a wall-hung unit fitted under the basin provides the perfect space for essential bathroom items while keeping them out of view.

Style & Variety

green floral bathroom with green wall hung vanity unit from crosswater

You don't have to compromise on style to achieve a practical wall hung storage solution, there are a huge variety of styles and designs available to suit any bathroom. From compact, practical storage units to small and sleek stylish units there is something to suit every homeowner's taste. Whether you are opting for a modern, sleek bathroom or a traditional, lavish space - there is wall hung furniture suitable for every theme.

We have a variety of wall hung vanity units and WC's on show in our showroom in Stirling - pop in and take a look for yourself.


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