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What To Consider When Designing A Walk In Wardrobe

A bespoke walk in wardrobe space is a luxury every home owner dreams of. When we're creating bespoke bedroom storage solutions for our clients we focus on their decor style and their lifestyle to ensure we get the perfect balance between style and functionality. Take a look at our top tips when considering a walk in wardrobe in your home.

The available space

luxury walk in wardrobe design

The proportions of your room will dictate the options available for your wardrobe space. Once you have your measurements it is important to make a list of what you would like to store within your wardrobe so your designer can make the most of the space available. Narrow rooms can often benefit from having storage on one side of the room only allowing you space to move around. Larger rooms have more options such as shelving all around the room or a central seating area.


bespoke white sliding door wardrobe

One of the most important factors to consider if the functionality of your dressing room - does it have enough shoe storage, are the spaces big enough for dresses, do you need accessory drawers? There needs to be a balance of hanging rails, shelving and drawers based on the inventory of clothes you wish to store. Pull out extending rails are great for long dresses or shirts and small drawers with organisers are fantastic for watches or accessories. The benefit of our unique design service is that we design the storage based exactly around your needs and requirements.

Light it up

walk in wardrobe with lights on rails

Ensure you think about lighting for your new bespoke wardrobe space, after all, you will probably be getting ready for the day in this room. Raumplus offer a variety of fantastic lighting solutions including lighting rails as seen above. A dressing room can often be in an area of the home without windows so it's important it is well lit so you can see outfit choices and get ready for the day.

Mix and match your storage types

large dressing room bespoke design

It's a good idea to mix and match with both open and closed storage. Open storage is aesthetically pleasing and great for displaying prize items or accessories. However, closed storage such as drawers or wardrobes keep clothes dust free and allow more privacy. This also allows you to create an aesthetically pleasing visual affect by having closed wardrobes on either side of a large open storage section.

Make it your own

luxury grey sliding door wardrobe in bedroom

One of the most helpful tips our designers can provide is - make it your own! A dressing room is such a personal space and therefore you should go with a design and layout that is personal to you. Our design consultations are focused around getting to know you and find out your wardrobe needs so we can create a bespoke room that is functional and stylish.

Request a design consultation with our expert bedroom designer today to get started -

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