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What Shower Valve Should I Choose?

The shower is something you use every single day and this decision is one of the most important ones of your bathroom renovation. Are you looking for style as well as substance? Of course budget and design play a huge part in this decision process, here are some question to ask yourself to help you choose which shower type is right for you.

Exposed or concealed valve?

hansgrohe chrome exposed shower valve and hansgrohe chrome concealed shower valve

The first question to ask yourself is exposed or concealed valve? Budget will determine if you have the choice between the two - exposed valves are cheaper and require less installation work. However if budget allows, concealed valves are more space saving, more stylish and offer the flexibility to control 2 outlets.

Temperature control - thermostatic or manual?

hansgrohe chrome thermostatic shower valve against grey tiles

Thermostatic shower controls are by far the most popular choice as they allow an almost instantaneous reaction to temperature change so are number one for safety and comfort. Manual valves will deliver the same end result however without the added safety and comfort of being able to adjust the temperature almost instantly.

Valve operation - buttons or handles?

hansgrohe thermostatic shower valve with handles and valve with buttons

This decision comes down purely to style and design preference. There are more design options for valves with handles - you can get round, square or thin handles on most shower valves. However most buttons will be minimalistic and similar.

How many outlets are required?

matt black hansgrohe shower system in grey bathroom

You can be as simple or as luxurious as you want when it comes to how many outlets you would like your shower to have. Would you like a simple shower on a sliding rail system and require only 1 outlet or would you prefer to have a luxurious 2 outlet valve to power your handheld and overhead shower? This all depends on how the shower will be used - if you have young children it's great to have a handheld shower for them or perhaps you are having a luxurious ensuite and would like the option of an additional rain fall shower head?

We have a huge variety of working shower valves on display in our showroom in Stirling, pay us a visit today to try them out for yourself and find your perfect shower valve configuration.

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