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What Happens When You Work With Our Bathroom Designers?

Are you looking to transform your bathroom but don't know where to start? Our expert bathroom designers are there to guide you through the process and find a solution that works best for your home.

navy blue modern bathroom vanity unit with double white basins

Why would I need a bathroom designer?

There's a lot involved when it comes to designing a new bathroom, both practically and aesthetically so it's worth hiring an expert. Our designers have the skills to ensure your room not only looks amazing but works superbly for you and your family. There are many technicalities behind designing a bathroom such as plumbing, fixtures and joinery. Our expert bathroom designers are there every step of the way to ensure your bathroom functions efficiently.

modern white bathtub with brass floor standing tap and blue tiles

What does my bathroom designer do for me?

Your bathroom designer helps bring all your ideas and visions together into a practical solution. They research, source and collate products as well as ensuring the technicalities fall into place including plumbing, plastering and sizing. Our expert bathroom designers fully manage the entire project from design through to installation ensuring a seamless, hassle free process for you and your family.

black and grey bathroom design with round mirror and large vanity unit

What's involved in the initial consultation?

The first step of the journey allows our designers to get to know you and spend time listening to your ideas. This will allow them to gain an idea of your needs and wants and to draw up the most suitable design possible. This is a great opportunity to see our showroom and our bathroom displays and products. At this stage we will also discuss your expectation, timescale and budget.

luxury modern bathroom design with large round mirror

What happens next?

Once you are happy that Bathroom & Kitchen Planet has the right combination of expertise, style and quality, your designer will arrange a time to visit your property and complete a survey. Our designers will then get to work taking into account your own unique sense of style, wants and needs. Our designers are full of creative ideas, and will provide lots of innovation and inspiration which you might not have thought of before. Once we are confident we have a proposal that fulfils your brief we will invite you to a presentation at our showroom where you can see your design come to life!

modern green tiled bathroom with gold brass fixtures and white marble sink

If you would like to chat to one of our expert bathroom designers call our showroom on 01786 472227 or visit us online at


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