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Wardrobe Sliding Door vs Gliding Door

Sliding door or gliding door – where’s the difference? It isn’t immediately obvious at first glance because the bottom line is that both words refer to the same thing – a door that moves horizontally without swinging open, helping to enlarge your room and save space. The term ‘gliding door’ is intended to underline the superior quality that characterizes our Raumplus doors. Because they glide when you push it.

White Raumplus sliding door wardrobe in a bedroom.

During their life, sliding doors are pushed back and forth thousands of times. It is not only important that the material used meets the highest standards, but also that the system is designed from the outset so that nothing can catch, jerk or jam. In addition, the movement should be light and quiet.

Raumplus black sliding door wardrobe system.

This is exactly what the repeatedly tested and award-winning systems from Raumplus guarantee. Through constant further development and numerous internal test series, Raumplus guarantees the highest quality standards for its products.

Luxury rose gold sliding door wardrobe doors with open shelving.

The integrated gliding door brake ensures that the door brakes with the same ease. A real innovation that is especially appreciated when you have experienced how a sliding door with a heavy filling glides into its final position with momentum, without a brake. A sliding door from Raumplus with an integrated gliding door brake, on the other hand, brakes effortlessly even with the heaviest panels and is pulled into the intended stop position. Opening and closing is also much gentler on materials.

Modern pink and taupe Raumplus sliding doors.

The best way to experience the fantastic quality of Raumplus gliding doors is to try them for yourself. Visit our showroom to see our range of gliding room separation and wardrobe doors.


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