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Walk In Wardrobes: A Dream Space

How many times have you watched movies featuring lavish homes and dreamed of having a walk in wardrobe worthy of showing off your vast collection of clothes and shoes. Well, if you are fortunate enough to enjoy the luxury of a spare room or have a spare corner in your bedroom, we can help you to create a walk in wardrobe design that incorporates all of the storage solutions you require.

bespoke Raumplus walk in wardrobe

What you choose to include in the design for your wardrobe is completely up to you. Our choice of wardrobe interiors offer everything you need and where appropriate we can also incorporate either sliding or hinged doors in the design to complement the look of your room.

luxury bedroom wardrobe design

Sliding doors made of modern materials, elegant interior systems and then an island solution for storing fashionable accessories. For smaller rooms, we also offer walk-in wardrobes with folding doors. This gives you direct access to all compartments and drawers.

bespoke walk in wardrobe with sliding doors

A walk-in wardrobe is much more than a particularly generous form of clothing storage: for many, it is one of the highlights of individual living, a special extra of room design that appeals in many different ways. After all, a walk-in wardrobe combines numerous benefits - from simple functionality to visual aspects.

luxury Raumplus walk in wardrobe with open shelving

The perfect wardrobe is tailored to the size of the user. It takes into account the comfort zones of daily tangibility of favourite pieces and standard clothing. Everything lies and hangs where it can be conveniently taken, further up or down from the centre, depending on frequency.

If you're dreaming of having your own bespoke walk in wardrobe contact our bedroom designer today to get started -


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