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Top Tips for Planning Your Bathroom Lighting

If you’re planning a new bathroom, don’t forget to think carefully about your lighting, as it can have a huge effect on how the space functions and feels. Take a look at this expert bathroom lighting guide to find out how to illuminate your wash space beautifully.

white bathroom design with stand alone bathtub and wooden vanity unit
Light it up

The first thing you need to be aware of when planning your bathroom lighting is whether the fittings are suitable for the room itself. Give careful consideration to the IP rating, as there are specific requirements for wet areas. Always ensure you have the safest option.

wooden bathroom design with shower and freestanding bathtub
Highlight a feature

As well as being functional, lighting can be used to showcase key areas. Elegant lighting helps to draw attention to certain parts of the room such as the bathtub or the shower. Lighting can also add a different colour to an area of your bathroom making it a warmer focal point.

light up bathroom mirror with blue cabinet
Illuminate the mirror

One of the most important zones to incorporate practical task lighting is the vanity area. Not only is this extremely practical for good lighting but it provides an arty flare to your bathroom and an eye catching focal point in your design.

marble white bathroom with shower and glass doors
Light up the shower

Don’t overlook obvious areas like showers, these can be fitted with perfect lighting to help you relax and the lighting will help to provide that relaxing atmosphere in the shower. Relaxation requires natural relaxing light. Therefore, don’t choose spots with a high colour temperature, but go for a low colour temperature.

city bathroom design with illuminated mirror and bathtub
Create an atmosphere

To create a variety of atmospheres, use two or three different lighting circuits. Combine task lighting with hidden LED features behind furniture, mirrors and taps. Consider dimmable lighting too, it creates mood but will also tailor your lighting to the different light sensitivities and preferences of each family member.

For more tips on bathroom lighting or to arrange a design consultation please contact our bathroom designer who will be more than happy to help!


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