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Top Bathroom Trends We Expect To See In 2023

A new year brings with it new trends and we expect some of these trends to make a big impact in bathroom designs in 2023. Take a look at the bathroom trends our designers think will be powerful this coming year.

Bold Tiles

When choosing tiles clients and designers are edging towards a brighter, bolder look. The addition of colour or texture can add character to a whole room. Stepping away from plain white and subtle greys, designers are expected to include more adventurous tile choices to create statement splash backs, feature walls and exciting patterns. One tile that will make a big splash in 2023 is the Moroccan tiles. Full of texture, colour and pattern these tiles are a full proof way to amaze your guests.

Walk In Showers

Walk in showers are expected to remain one of the most popular trends in the next year. It has become more and more common for clients to ditch the bathtub in favour of a luxurious, spacious walk in shower. Not only do showers take us less space than a bathtub but they are more accessible, elegant and fit in a smaller space. They allow designers to add texture and colour by using different tiles or wet wall inside the shower space. You are not limited in colour now as shower enclosures now come in chrome, brushed brass and even matt black.

Backlit Mirrors

One of the biggest growing trends in recent years has been the trend of illuminated mirrors, this year we predict the backlit mirror will be the greatest trend setter. A luxury back lit mirror can elevate your space while adding a softer, more relaxing feel to the room. Backlit mirrors have a very similar output to natural light so if your bathroom is quite dark, this is the mirror for you! They offer a very flattering light ideal for creating a relaxed, tranquil atmosphere.

Freestanding Statement Bathtubs

Freestanding bathtubs continue to grow in popularity in 2023. Designers love freestanding bathtubs as there is one to suit every single room - from sleek, modern designs to luxurious traditional clawfoot tubs. Not only do they make a fantastic statement piece in your bathroom but they also come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be extremely practical. You can position the tub anywhere in the room for maximum creative impact.

Brushed Brass Brassware

Brushed brass is dominating the fixtures and fittings game with it's subtle gold finish and textured stroke finish. Brushed brass adds warmth and is a welcoming alternative to chrome. With bright colours such as green and blue on the rise brushed brass is the perfect accompaniment to compliment these stunning colours. In a shower space a simple brushed brass showerhead can look dynamic against plain tiles or when used as a basin mixer can bring more style to a standard basin.

Bringing The Outside In

Using natural materials and patterns is going to be a huge trend this year as the world becomes more sustainable. By using natural material such as wood you create a spa like feel in your bathroom, creating a more tranquil space to relax. Combine this with light colours and plenty of natural light and you've got a peaceful, welcoming bathroom space. Using natural stone for worktops is a fantastic way to create more texture.

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