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Top Bathroom Trends for 2024

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

As 2023 draws to a close, we’re ready to explore the biggest trends expected to takeover bathrooms in 2024. We’ll look through the five trends we expect to be leading the way when it comes to bathroom design next year. From sustainability and minimalism to at-home spas, there’s a 2024 bathroom trend suited to everyone.

Fluted features

A bathroom with two beige wall hung bathroom vanity units, sinks, and a mirror.

Fluted furniture, shower enclosure glass, and ceramics are set to be a big 2024-bathroom trend. Not only do they look luxurious and elegant, but fluted items can also add a much-needed touch of texture to an otherwise potentially plain and texture-less space.

Luxury freestanding bathtubs

An elegant white freestanding bathtub in a beautifully designed bathroom.

Luxury freestanding baths are here to stay. The freestanding bath has increased in popularity in recent years, and we don’t expect that to change. That’s why we’re predicting freestanding baths to be a top 2024 bathroom trend. From traditional copper to elegant contemporary designs and even bright colours there’s a freestanding bath for all bathroom styles.


Stylish black and white bathroom with walk-in shower.

Black and white is a trend that’s here to stay and a particularly popular bathroom trend for 2024. No matter how you add a touch of black to your bathroom, matt black has been increasing in popularity over recent months. From matt black taps and showers to heated towel rails and basins there are plenty of ways to incorporate it within your bathroom.

Statement tiles

Blue and white tiled bathroom with white tub and patterned tiles under bath.

Creating a statement in your bathroom can be as straightforward as choosing stylish, patterned tiles. If you’re looking to provide a standout feature in your bathroom then statement tiles are perfect, especially bold geometric designs.


A bathroom with a wooden vanity, walk-in shower, and a round mirror.

Looking after our environment has become a massive topic of conversation over recent years with ways of living sustainably at the forefront. This makes 2024 the perfect time to consider the way we live and if we can make our bathrooms more sustainable. One fantastic way to cut down on our daily water usage is with a dual flush toilet. While traditional toilet flushes only offer one flush speed, a dual flush toilet offers two different power options. A small flush and a large flush depending on your needs.

If you're looking to renovate your bathroom in 2024 get in touch with our expert team today to start your design journey -

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