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Top 5 Luxury Appliances For Your Bathroom

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

There are lots of fancy, modern appliances out there for your bathroom so we have whittled it down to the top 5 must haves!

Illuminated Bathroom Mirror

illuminated bathroom mirrors from HIB on modern bathroom wall
Solas round illuminated bathroom mirror from HIB

One of the latest bathroom technology trends has largely come about as a result of the events of 2020 and the pandemic. This is the surge towards hygiene-friendly touch-free and even personal hygiene improving products. These touch free, illuminating mirrors provide a touch of class within a bathroom and are extremely hygienic!

Bathroom TV Screen

bathroom tv screen in modern, luxury bathroom
Waterproof bathroom TV screen

A TV in the bathroom is the dream for most people. Imagine relaxing in your new, luxury bathtub and being able to watch your favourite shows at the same time? Many electronics companies produce waterproof TV's ideal for your bathroom.

Sustainable Sensor Tap

Contribute to a more sustainable world (and save money on bills) by investing in a stylish sensor tap. In addition to conserving water by reducing the waste from a running tap, it's a more hygienic bathroom solution.

In-Ceiling Music Speaker

luxury modern bathroom in-ceiling bluetooth music speaker
Smart sounds in-ceiling music speaker

Ceiling speakers are becoming an increasingly popular bathroom speaker solution, due to the fact it’s harder to find a power source in a bathroom and there’s limited space on shelves, walls and the floor. They blend in well with your luxury bathroom and produce fantastic sound.

Smartap Control From Your Smartphone

Smartap smartphone technology to control your shower and bath
Smartap smartphone technology

Advances in bathroom gadgets have made it possible to control your bath, shower (or both) from your smartphone or (if you have Amazon's Alexa) using simple voice commands. Simple to install and utilise, it's never been easier to run a bath or shower to your precise preferences.


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