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The Top Kitchen Trends Of 2021

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

For 2021, the humble kitchen reinvented itself. Today, the modern kitchen is where we prepare and enjoy meals – it has taken on the role of being a social venue, (according to a survey, 88 per cent claim the role of the kitchen is now for socialising rather than cooking), and it's also an office, classroom and much more.

We have whittled down the top kitchen trends of 2021 to the top 5 for you;

green Schuller sienna kitchen design with white worktops and wooden floor

Green is the 'it' colour of 2021

It's all about the colour green this year. Sage greens will define the contemporary kitchen, while stronger, more traditional tones like forest green will enrich more classical kitchen schemes. Use green to bring the outside in, create a connection with nature from the comfort of your own home, and to benefit your mental health and wellness. It works beautifully in both contemporary and traditional kitchens bringing a fresh elegance and energy to the space. Using dark green base units help ground a larger space and can even create a feeling of space in smaller kitchens when matched with ivory or bleached wood wall units. This stunning green Schüller Sienna is the prime example of this year's top trend!

New Neutrals

Calming neutrals, from white and ivory to taupe and grey, are still go-to choices. Muted and tonal colours paired with tactile materials, such as wood, rattan, wicker and stone, can create a serene and warming space. One of the key trends we seen in kitchens this year is New Neutrals, a calming trend of muted and earthy colours that create an inviting and relaxing atmosphere. This peaceful choice of styling exudes calm and serenity, a stark contrast to the challenging and fast-paced nature of modern life.

modern schuller kitchen in L shape

Two-tone design

Two tone, contrasting finishes are becoming a desirable aesthetic in the kitchen. You could opt for contrasting wall and floor mounted cabinetry; deep, dark units contrasted with brighter shades elsewhere; an island in an eye-catching hue, or it could be as simple as teaming a darker shade of grey with a softer dove grey hue. If done correctly, working with a contrasting scheme can allow you to break up colour and add a real touch of uniqueness to your kitchen design. Expertly displayed in this Schüller Biella design.

Kitchen pantry/larder

Pantry and or larder storage is an essential part of any modern kitchen. How kitchen cupboards look and perform on the inside is just as important as the outside. It doesn’t need to be a huge walk-in area but in-built larder storage can come in many different guises, with drawers, in-built lighting, places to store food mixers and kitchen gadgets, door storage and numerous pull out options. We offer a range of kitchen storage options from full pantries to pull out larders.

luxury black kitchen design in Stirling

The kitchen island

At the start of 2020, the staple kitchen island was slowly adapting into the dining island, ensuring the family can cook, dine and spend time together in one room. For 2021, the desire for a kitchen island remains strong as nearly 85 per cent of customers surveyed prefer an island in their kitchen. Kitchen islands are a perennial favourite but are even more in demand as we demand more and more of our kitchens as workspaces, classrooms and food preparation areas.

The most desirable modern kitchen designs will combine purpose and personality, designs which encourage a new appetite for more highly curated kitchens that are 100 per cent original and reflect your own personal taste, character and lifestyle. To start your design journey today book a design consultation.

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