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Popular Kitchen Design Trends Winter 2021

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Find out which colours, features and styles have been resonating with homeowners and designers this winter.

modern schuller kitchen design with yellow and white island
Inject some colour into your kitchen

Kitchens with character

Spending more time at home during the pandemic prompted many of us to reflect on our spaces and how they look and feel. The result? A renewed confidence in our choices of colour and style. Homeowners want to inject their own personality into their properties, and this is certainly illustrated by what people are choosing for their kitchen designs this winter. The search term ‘unusual kitchens’ more than doubled in popularity in 2021 compared to the year before.

forest green schuller kitchen cabinets
Nature-inspired forest green

Green, green everywhere

Nature-inspired hues have been providing a wonderful calming feel to homes over the past year, and the most popular shade is green. The search term ‘green kitchens’ increased by 48% this year, with searches for ‘sage green’, ‘forest green’ and ‘dark green’ all rising in popularity.

This stunning Schüller kitchen is an elegant, classic look combining the popular forest green tone.

grey traditional kitchen unit design with rounded cupboards and wooden floor tiles
Traditional is the new modern

Cosy, country re-treats

Rural living is becoming increasingly popular, particularly with the younger generation.

You can achieve this by updating your urban kitchen to a country style design. During 2021, the search term ‘country kitchen’ rose by 54% compared to 2020. The search terms ‘panelling’, ‘exposed beam’ and ‘exposed brick’ also shot up in popularity! We love this warm, country kitchen by Schüller against the wooden flooring.

black luxury kitchen units with wooden worktop
Move over to the dark side

Dark details

In contrast to those tranquil, nature-inspired colours mentioned earlier, black is also seeing a rise in popularity. The search terms ‘black kitchen worktop’ more than doubled in popularity when compared to the previous year. Black features look great as a grounding accent alongside softer shades and wood. Alternatively, go for an all over dark aesthetic like Schüller have done here. The jet black cabinets are dramatically lifted by a subtle wood finish.

We have designed some amazing new trendy kitchens the last few months and are looking forward to continuing to explore the new trends that surface next year! If you would like to chat to our kitchen designer about your design ideas please get in touch at

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