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It it a Good Idea to Turn a Bedroom into a Walk In Wardrobe?

There are many benefits to having a walk in wardrobe however not everyone has the space to have one in their bedroom. However, many people convert a whole room in their home into a walk in wardrobe space. Let's take a look at how this can be done and if it is worth sacrificing a whole room for a walk in wardrobe.

Large white shelving walk in wardrobe in bedroom.

If you are constantly running out of storage space for clothes and accessories and have the extra room available this is a no brainer. Converting your spare room into a walk in wardrobe will be one of the best decisions you ever make. It will give you an organised storage space and a very pleasant area to also get ready in.

Bespoke Raumplus sliding door wardrobe with black rails.

Having a full room is a beautiful blank canvas to start building your walk in wardrobe in and you will have many more creative options when you are converting an entire room. This will allow you to personalised your shelving and storage options as well as add extras such as mirrors and seating areas.

Luxury large walk in wardrobe with island with storage drawers in the centre of the room.

However, taking over an entire room is a big commitment. It could de-crease the resale value of your home if you only have a few bedrooms to begin with. If this is the case or you simply do not have a room to spare there are a few options available - do you have a loft space you could use or perhaps use room dividers to create a separate walk in wardrobe within your bedroom?

Large walk in wardrobe with room separation glass doors.

Both these options still allow you to create a bespoke wardrobe with extra storage without the limitation of losing an entire bedroom. Raumplus offer bespoke glass room separator doors which can add to your interior and blend seamlessly with design of the room.

Bespoke wardrobe with handbag hanging storage space.

Our bespoke spaces are designed specifically for your needs and wants allowing you to make the most of your space by adding features that work perfectly for you. If you're looking for a bespoke, organised space contact our expert team today to get your journey started.


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