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How to Plan the Perfect Utility Room

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Whether it’s used for drying laundry, stashing your cleaning kit or storing food, a utility room will help keep your kitchen clutter-free.

modern white utility room with storage solutions and washing machine
It will soon become one of your favourite rooms in your home

Why invest in a utility room?

As our homes become increasingly more open-plan it is more beneficial to have a dedicated space where a washing machine and dryer can run without disturbing dinnertime chat or movie nights. As well as freeing up space in the kitchen it allows for extra storage space and can a useful extension to the kitchen allowing you to store pots, pans and large kitchen items.

narrow utility room conversion in white with washing machine and shelf storage
Even the most compact space can be transformed

Size up your space

A utility room can take many forms – and you might be surprised at some of the tiny spaces into which you can squeeze one. A general rule of thumb is to take the size of your family and its needs into consideration. Also, think carefully about how you wish to use the space. We have designed utility rooms that are narrow, on singular wall and also docked onto the kitchen.

a modern utility room design docked onto a kitchen
A perfect solution for storage

Pick the perfect location

One of the best locations for a utility room is beside your kitchen - this allows for extra kitchen storage and general easy access for cleaning products, kitchen utensils etc. If possible it is a great idea to locate the utility room on an external wall. It can then double up as a garden entrance and boot room keeping mucky boots out of your home.

modern white luxury utility room with extra storage space
Space-saving, organised and always close at hand.

Consider what you will use it for

Utility rooms are fantastic for extra storage but can be used for a variety of purposes including washing and drying, ironing, cleaning and food preparation. If you plan on using your utility room for washing and drying it is important to consider air ventilation and water resistance. Access to electrical supply and water usage would also have to be taken into account.

grey utility room attached to luxury kitchen design from German Schuller kitchens
The home launderette – drawers and cupboards that make your life easier.

If you would like to find out more about our utility room designs please get in touch via our website. Our kitchen designers are always on hand to bring your ideas to life!


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