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How To Make The Most Of Your Space In A Small Bathroom

Would you like to make the most of your small bathroom space? Our design experts have gathered their top tips to help you make the most out of your small space.

Keep it light

white and pink bathroom design with hexagonal wall tiles and wooden vanity unit

Keep your bathroom colour palette light and refreshing to ensure the room looks spacious. White bounces light around a room giving the impression of more space. Sometimes dark and contrasting colours can be overwhelming in a small space. Light colours are also recommended if you little or no natural light entering the bathroom to keep your space bright and welcoming.

Reflect the space

black tiled bathroom wall with brushed brass mirror

Mirrors are one of the best tools for enhancing space in a small bathroom. A large mirror will reflect all of the light making the room appear bigger and more spacious. A large mirror does not limit your space for other items as it does not take up any floor or activity space. You can also utilise wall space by adding a mirrored cabinet to allow for extra storage space within a small bathroom.

Glass is best

large glass shower enclosure with grey vanity unit

A glass walk in shower creates the illusion of more space in a bathroom in comparison to a bahtub. Not only does this make your bathroom appear large but it also looks sleek and modern in your home. A bright chrome finish will help lighten the room and bounce more light. around the space.

Clear the floor

cloakroom bathroom unit with wooden slats and white sit on basin

By using wall hung furniture you maximise the floor space and by doing so make the room appear much more spacious. Not only do you make great use of limited space but having a clear floor is much easier to keep clean. For maximum storage you can opt for a large drawer vanity unit or perhaps a double door unit if you have the space. Keeping your wc wall hung also saves space by having a hidden cistern.

Creative storage

grey wet wall shower with recess boxes in the wall

Get creative with your storage options by adding recess shelving into your shower space. This will not only give you extra storage space for toiletries but also add a creative flare to your shower space. Recesses can be tiled with feature tiles or coloured inserts can be used as seen above giving a burst of colour on your wall.

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