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How To Keep Your Bathroom Organised

After ensuring everything has a place, make life easier by changing your daily once-over to an existing habit. View our bathroom storage solutions and tips to help keep your new bathroom pristine!

blue family bathroom design with round mirror and blue tiles
Here are a few simple strategies to keep the chaos reined in

Cabinet drawer storage is a must

Basin sprawl is one of the most common clutter problems in the bathroom. Combat the sprawl by assigning a drawer to each household member, to be filled with daily necessities only. The drawers will keep your basin free of clutter and make it easier when you need to wipe down the entire basin area.

white bathroom basin with storage drawer and bathroom toiletries
Keep your new bathroom looking new with this simple trick

Provide over-flow storage for less-used items

To keep the basin area streamlined, you will probably need to find a spot to stash those extra items that didn’t quite make ‘everyday essential’ status. This could be a shelving system with extra storage baskets or a built in storage cupboard. The added bonus is this keeps items hidden and doesn't clutter your immaculate, new bathroom with toiletries and towels.

wooden bathroom design idea with bathtub and storage unit
Organisation is key

Store only daily necessities in the shower

Be honest about which products you actually use on a daily basis, and limit yourself to storing these items in the shower. Extras can be stored in your overflow storage instead. This keeps your brand new shower design looking impressive for guests and not over-flowing with toiletries.

new bathroom with glass shower and ladder heated towel rail
The tidier you keep your bathroom the more you can enjoy it!

Keep a small laundry basket handy

Make it simpler for everyone to keep dirty towels and clothes off the floor by putting a laundry bin in the bathroom. Or even better - build a laundry cupboard into your new bathroom design and store everything out of sight.

brown wooden vanity unit in new bathroom with silver tap
Follow these simple steps for a tidy, clutter free bathroom

There are unlimited possibilities when it comes to designing your bathroom storage so ask our designers to help you with your new bathroom storage dilemmas during your design consultation.


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