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How to Design a Kitchen That Will Increase the Value of Your Home

Ahead of putting a property on the market, there are lots of things we can do to our homes that may increase their market price, and it’s widely recognised that the room most likely to add value is the kitchen. So if you’re planning any major renovation work, this is the room in which to do it.

traditional family kitchen design from luxury german Schuller kitchens
Design your kitchen to suit your home

Aim for a look that suits your space

You should always use a professional kitchen designer who can make best use of the space to create an appealing look. Our expert designers know what works and what doesn’t, and should recognise when it’s better to continue a home’s existing theme. It is important to still bring balance to the look – you don’t want to overfill your kitchen so it appears cluttered, but neither should you under-fill a larger space so it feels bare and unfinished.

light pink german schuller kitchen design with aeg oven
Layout is everything when it comes to kitchen design

Design a functional layout

Along with an appealing look, equally important for a kitchen is a functional layout. Make effective use of the space and create a smooth workflow. Potential buyers will probably note the feasibility of the layout, particularly as they imagine themselves cooking and working in the kitchen. Creating sufficient storage space is also crucial. Clutter-free surfaces create instant visual appeal, and again will also help potential buyers to picture themselves using the kitchen.

cream and white luxury german schuler kitchne with wooden floor and wooden dining table
Safe colours have bold appeal

Choose neutral colours

When planning a new kitchen, it may be that your dream look is bold red doors or bright blue cabinetry; but while this may be perfect for you, lively colours or highly personalised décor won’t necessarily appeal to the wider population. So when planning a colour scheme for a kitchen that you hope will add value, it’s best to opt for neutral colours. Neutral shades also help to create a blank canvas, allowing potential buyers the space and imagination to reflect on how they might put their own stamp on the place.

AEG ovens in modern kitchen with kitchen island
High quality brands provide peace of mind

Include recognisable appliance brands

Familiarity can be reassuring for people and it breeds confidence. So when choosing appliances for a home set for resale, it’s best to opt for well-known, good-quality brands. Having the relevant appliance manuals and warranties to hand can also be a reassuring selling point for potential buyers. We highly recommend AEG & Quooker as they guarantee high quality and a great guarantee for our customers.

modern luxury kitchen design with island and spotlights
Invest in your kitchen to increase your home value

Consider energy-efficient options

Another consideration when choosing appliances is energy-efficiency. Homeowners are becoming more aware of eco-friendly features and are increasingly keen to include them in their houses. Energy-efficient appliances are the way to go. They’re better for the environment and will also save money in the long term, because they require less energy to operate. Homeowners value features that will bring down the cost of their utility bills, so if you’re designing a kitchen with resale in mind, then choose energy-rated appliances.

luxury kitchen design with large kitchen island with glass doors and light
Add value to your home in the fanciest way

Make a couple of luxury choices

Add a hint of luxury to impress potential buyers: instead of a glass splashback that stretches the width of your kitchen, consider just a panel behind the hob or sink or cover your island in quartz or marble. These small luxurious touches might be enough to catch a buyers attention and get you the sale!

If you are looking to re-design your kitchen and are looking for the best, expert advice contact our kitchen designer today.


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