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How To Create The Perfect Utility Room

Whether you are considering adding a utility room as part of a kitchen extension, or want to convert some of your existing space, we uncover some of the best ways to create your perfect utility room.

large schuller utility room with laundry area

Why have a utility room?

There are numerous benefits to incorporating a utility room into your home, not least the fact that creating a separate space for laundry and other activities provides more room in the kitchen area for seating.

Additionally with the rise of the open plan living/dining space, creating a quiet nook where the noise of washing machines and dryers is kept to a minimum allows you to better enjoy spending time in the heart of your home.

The value of a utility room also goes beyond enjoyment for your own household. It can also increase interest when looking to sell your home, and potentially add value to your property.

kitchen utility room with storage

What can you have in your utility room?

While we often consider a utility room to be a space for a washing machine, drying facilities and perhaps a separate sink, you can get more creative with the space.

Consider adding pantry style kitchen units into your utility space for those store cupboard ingredients that you do not use every day. For those who have pets, a utility room can be the perfect space to incorporate food bowls and even bedding to create a relaxing place for your cats or dogs to rest and chill out.

The beauty of creating a utility room is that you can use it as best works for you.

white kitchen cabinets and utility room

Should your units match your kitchen units?

It’s entirely up to you whether you decide to match the units in your utility room to your existing kitchen units. One of the biggest benefits of matching the style of cabinet to your existing space is that gives a feeling of continuity between the two rooms, making it look seamless.

schuller kitchen larder

Can I have a larder?

Why not? Adding more space in your utility room for a larder or pantry is a great way to add additional storage space for those ingredients which, while not necessarily used on a daily basis, feel like you’re cooking essentials.

Consider adding larder kitchen units into your utility room as somewhere to store those extras that are always spilling out of your kitchen cupboards such as your exotic spices, or fifty shapes of noodle.

bespoke schuller kitchen utility room storage

What type of storage for a utility room?

When you are planning storage, think about which items you are likely to want to keep in the space and ensure that your chosen units are large enough to accommodate them.

For example, do you want to keep mops and buckets in your utility space? If so, tall kitchen units are key to ensure that there is adequate storage for them.

If you are short on space in your utility room, it can be worth considering handless style cupboards to maximise the available room to move around while undertaking your household chores.

Incorporating units that house baskets is another great way to save space in your laundry room. Simply transport clothes into the baskets for distribution to appropriate wardrobes when finished.

If you're looking to expand your kitchen and add a utility room get in touch with our expert kitchen designer today to start the planning process at

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