How To Create An Eco-Friendly Bathroom

Next time you consider a bathroom remodel, why not make it a green one? Eco-friendly bathroom fixtures, accessories and construction materials contribute to a healthier planet and a healthier home. Here are some small bathroom changes that could make a big difference to the environment.

white freestanding bathtub with black tap and black radiator behind it.
Make your daily bathroom use more eco-friendly

The Water Smart Bathroom

Saving water is one of the easiest things you can do to go green, and it saves money, too — by lowering your water bills. There are many ways to save water in a bathroom. Since toilets account for nearly 30 percent of an average home’s total water consumption, let’s start there. 'Green' toilets use low-flow toilet technology that uses up to one-third of a gallon of less water per flush. One of the easiest ways to conserve water in your bathroom sink is by installing a high-efficiency bathroom sink faucet. These units are specially engineered to use less water to deliver a satisfying, high-pressure stream, so your family and guests will never realize they’re getting the job done with less.

white family bathroom suite with built in bathtub. Grey marble floor tiles
Light it up in an eco friendly way

The Energy-Efficient Bathroom

The easiest way to reduce your bathroom’s power consumption is to install energy-saving LED bulbs. Whether you have overhead bathroom light fixtures or vanity lamps, your LEDs will use 75 percent less electricity than standard lights, and last 25 times longer, too. Another must for your eco-friendly bathroom is an energy-efficient vent fan. Not only will it reduce your energy use, but a high-performing fan will discourage mold growth for a cleaner, healthier indoor environment. High-efficiency fans also typically last longer and operate more quietly than conventional ones.

white freestanding bathtub with chrome radiator. Large bay window behind bathtub.
Be environmentally aware when creating your new bathroom

Bring In Natural Light

Bringing in a skylight into the home is something that can be energy-efficient, as it brings in plenty of natural light. It doesn’t compromise on privacy, but it does mean that you can light the room without having to have a lot of light bulbs and electricity.

Merlyn walk in shower with black trim and black & white bathroom tiles
Create a feature of your showering space

Low-Flow Showerheads

Reducing the time your showers can take is one thing that significantly cuts down on water consumption in the home, but this tactic isn’t going to work for everyone. That is where a low-flow showerhead comes in. We can waste between two and eight gallons of water per minute in the shower. When using a low-flow shower head, it will help to bring that number down to under two gallons per minute. With modern models, you still get the same amount of water pressure too!

modern grey vanity unit and rectangle mirror
Small changes can make a big environmental difference

Motion Sensor Faucets

Quite a lot of water can also get wasted at the sink. We can all use up more water than we really need when washing or brushing teeth. For a family, this amount of water wastage can really add up too, which is why motion-sensor faucets can come in to combat water wastage. The sensor will only come on when you have a hand there, and will switch off when not there. It can also be a more hygienic faucet, as you don’t have to touch it. You could also consider a low-flow faucet too, to save even more water.

If you would like to transform your bathroom and make some environmentally beneficial changes, contact our bathroom designer today to arrange a design consultation.

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