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How To Communicate Your Likes + Dislikes To Your Designer

Our design team will always make time to find out about you and your lifestyle to ensure we create the best possible design for you. We've put together our top tips on ways to communicate what you like and dislike when it comes to creating your new space.

Why is communication so important during the design process?

New bathroom with wood panelling and wooden bathroom furniture.

Communicating your likes and dislikes right at the beginning of the process can be a huge time saver. Out designers will aim to create a space you love every aspect of and telling them your must haves and must not haves during the initial consultation will help them achieve this. Having this conversation also allows you to explore colours or styles you might not have considered before. It also leaves you feeling confident the designer knows exactly what you are looking for.

What's the best way to communicate with your designer?

White and yellow kitchen with lots of storage cupboards and dining table.

Our expert designers will guide you through this process and ask all the necessary questions. They will visit your home to see the current space and find out more about you and your family's lifestyle, this enables them to design the space specifically to suit your needs and wants. Our designers are always on the other end of the phone or available in our showroom if you have any questions at any stage of the design process.

How else can I communicate my likes and dislikes?

Large family bathroom with white bathtub and blue vanity unit.

As design is a visually driven process, the best way to communicate your likes and dislikes if with images. It is a great idea to start a Pinterest or Houzz moodboard by saving your favourite images and ideas online. A set of images gives your designer a clear idea of the style and colour scheme you are drawn towards. Moodboards allow your designer to see common links between images and demonstrates design trends you are particularly drawn to that you might not have even noticed yourself.


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