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Featured Kitchen - Schüller Biella

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Our featured kitchen this month is the luxurious Schüller Biella kitchen. With it's incredible curved units, stunning colour and modern storage solutions this kitchen is a star.

schuller biella kitchen with rounded cabinets

In this kitchen, a modern look is combined with functionality! Intelligent, space-saving storage solutions are combined with casual lightness. The result: a perfect combination of cooking and living.

pink kitchen design

The spacious elements in L-form ensure enough storage space for everything that is needed in the kitchen.

schuller kitchen design with storage

The sliding doors with integrated lighting set tasteful lighting accents and are a perfect setting for porcelain and pieces of pottery.

rounded edges on kitchen island worktops

Rounded edges are a real highlight and make the kitchen something special.

schuller pantry drawer in kitchen

Thanks to the pantry box, fresh and non-perishable foods aren't a problem anymore. The box has been designed especially for the storage of fruits and vegetables and, thanks to the transparent cover, ensures a perfect overview of the stored goods.

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