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Featured Bedroom Design - Uno

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Are you looking for an effortlessly stylish and modern dressing room or wardrobe design? Uno by Raumplus ticks all the boxes - it is modern, functional and will be the centrepiece of any room.

Large open wardrobe design with wood shelves.

With its light, delicate and transparent appearance, Uno is the ideal made-to-measure wardrobe system for a modern wardrobe solution. Despite all its lightness, Uno is highly functional.

Raumplus Uno dressing room with dark wood shelves and black rails.

roven raumplus wardrobe components such as sloping shelves, compartment dividers and a clothes lift round off Uno's configuration options. With different profiles in combination, a great showcase look can be created very easily by means of hinge door carcass with RPS hinge doors.

Bespoke wardrobe design corner shelf with clothes on it.

As all of our dressing rooms are bespoke you have a large variety of options as to how you would like your wardrobe space to look and feel. Raumplus offer a selection of base colours as well as glass colours allowing you to design your space exactly how you would like it, weather that be bright and vibrant or dark and cosy.

Large walk in wardrobe with rail lighting.

Contact our expert bedroom designer today to start your design journey -

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