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Featured Bedroom Design - Ecoline

Are you looking for a bespoke, functional bedroom storage solution - the Raumplus Ecoline range is the perfect solution for you. Designed with both style and practicality in mind this range offers a range of colour and layout options to suit everyone.

large white walk in wardrobe with open shelving and drawers

Ecoline offers two different plinth heights as a slim, space-saving custom-made cabinet system. Ecoline owes its slim design to its narrow 19mm thick sides. No matter your room size or shape Ecoline offers a wide array of possibilities to meet your storage needs.

luxury raumplus ecoline wardrobe shelves with clothes on them

Flexibility and functionality are at the forefront of this Ecoline interior system. Customized to fit any room situation, Ecoline offers every desired comfort with its many useful accessories.

large white sliding door bespoke wardrobe design in Stirling

Due to its simple straight lines, Ecoline can be used anywhere in the house - whether you want a wardrobe under the sloping roof, a built-in wardrobe, a solution for the corner of the room or a walk-in wardrobe is your desire. With Ecoline you can use every corner of your room.

We have an Ecoline wardrobe display available to view in our showroom in Stirling, pop in to take a look!


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