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Do I Have Room For A Kitchen Island?

A kitchen island is one of the most sought after design features in a new kitchen. Not only are they modern and aesthetically pleasing but they provide homeowners with extra room for food preparation, storage and entertaining. Follow our expert tips and guidance below to work out if you have enough space to include an island in your new kitchen.

Size Up The Space

modern kitchen design with kitchen island and seating

The first thing to do is to consider the space and shape of kitchen you have available. Don't rule out a kitchen island because you have a small kitchen space. There are many possibilities to make an island work even where space is limited including reduced depth islands or even combine your island with your dining table to create a seating area. Determining what you will use your island for will also help your designer work out how big the island needs to be. For example - are you planning on using the island solely for cooking or would you like to incorporate storage as well?

Space For Doors

large wooden kitchen with island and storage shelves

It's important to consider the space around your island for other appliances and cupboards too. Ensure you will still have enough space to open all your cupboards and appliances without knocking into the island. For safety it's advised to make sure you have enough space to bypass open doors so as to avoid a tripping hazard.

Plan A Multifunctional Island

luxury schuller kitchen with black cabinets and wooden splashback

A kitchen island can be a multifunctioning part of your new kitchen if planned correctly. Incorporate your induction hob into this space to save worktop space in the rest of the kitchen. By using the space around the bottom of the island for a wine cooler or storage cabinet you can save cupboard space in the rest of the kitchen.

Stay In Proportion

large family kitchen design

When adding an island one of the most important factors to consider is proportion. Your designer will advise you on how big an island you can comfortably fit and what would look the best in your kitchen space. By not keeping island dimensions relative to the space around it you risk the kitchen looking cramped.


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