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7 Ways To Add Creative Colour To Your Kitchen

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

A more colourful kitchen can inspire you and greatly lift your mood - in a room where you cook and entertain friends and family, having a space that causes inspiration and motivation is of the utmost importance. So here are 7 ways in which you can use colour to create a more exciting new kitchen.

black and pink luxury german kitchen design
The use of colour is a powerful design tool.

Statement Splashbacks

The space behind your oven, sink and counter-tops are often forgotten, and the splashback is commonly only seen as the barrier to protect your wall instead of an opportunity for a stunning design feature. Adding a colourful splashback in an otherwise neutral kitchen is a beautiful way to add colour to the kitchen. Using a bright colour such as red or yellow creates a main focal point and can be as bold or as subtle as you like.

modern grey kitchen design with yellow backsplash feature
A cost-effective way to introduce colour to your kitchen

Contrasting Cabinetry

Bright, coloured cabinets are an eye-catching way to add colour to your kitchen. The brighter the colour, the more it will stand out and draw attention, and the more they will become the focal point of the room. If you opt for brighter cabinets, then you may want to keep the rest of the kitchen neutral so as not to overwhelm.

mint green kitchen design idea with marble splashback feature and storage shelves
You don’t need to go bright or bold to see a big change in your kitchen.

Feature Tiled Wall

Adding a feature wall is one of the most popular ways to use colour in the kitchen. The colour you use (vibrancy, tone, etc.) determines how much of an impact the wall will have, and the atmosphere it will create. Tiles also add texture to a kitchen design which only makes it more eye-catching.

bright family kitchen idea with orange and red coloured tiles
Unusual texture will add depth

Accessorise With Colour

If you don’t want to change the overall colour scheme of your kitchen, accessories are a great way to use colour in your kitchen. Keeping brightly coloured bowls and utensils on shelves, for example, is a small touch, but can be impactful against a white or neutral backdrop. Adding brightly coloured chairs or stools is a great way to add flashes of colour. The best thing about these colours is that they can be changed and don't need to be decided at the time of design.

modern city kitchen design with wooden units and yellow chairs
Adding colour creates a vibrant focal point

Colourful Island

If your new kitchen will have an island, this is the perfect feature to add some colour to. A bright, colourful island adds an interesting touch to the kitchen, while maintaining a timeless look and not straying too far from an otherwise neutral colour scheme. It is usually in the centre of the room so will draw eyes to the middle of the room.

modern kitchen design with yellow island and black stools
In the case of colour, opposites really do attract.

Bold Pattern

If you have a large free space on one of your walls, a large, striking pattern will be impactful. Pattern can very effectively create your desired atmosphere, through the main colours within the pattern and the texture added by it.

patterned splashback wall with green tropical pattern
Transform your kitchen into a modern muse.

Brightly Coloured Appliances

Using coloured appliances can also be a fun way of incorporating colour into your kitchen. For the truly committed, a retro style refrigerator in red, blue or pink makes a great statement. However, small appliances such as stand mixers in yellow or turquoise tones can add an understated but cheerful element to your kitchen.

sage green luxury german kitchen
Create a moodboard and save your ideas.

For help and advice on redesigning your kitchen contact our kitchen designers to book your design consultation.


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