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5 Questions You Need To Ask Before You Plan A New Kitchen

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

A kitchen renovation can seem daunting at the outset, simply because there are so many elements involved in getting it right. Cover all the bases to ensure you get your dream kitchen.

german schuller kitchen with storage space
Create a space for living, relaxing, entertaining

What's my aim?

Before you do anything, it’s important to establish how you’d like your kitchen to function. Maybe you have a large family and you want the kitchen to be a busy hub at the heart of the household; or perhaps you love to entertain in style and want a stunning space to host dinner parties and events. Ask yourself questions such as ‘do I love to cook or is it a necessary chore?’ And ‘will we want to eat in here?’ By considering these big questions before you start making smaller-scale decisions, you should be able to pin down exactly what you want from your ideal space.

light green family kitchen design from Schuller
Our kitchen designers can guide you through the design process

How do I get the most efficient layout?

The layout of your kitchen is a big decision. Our kitchen designers will aim to create zones for cooking, washing and prepping. This is useful for the smooth running of your kitchen and for ensuring that all electrical and plumbing components are correctly positioned. Consider the space you would like between appliances and take account of whether doors can be opened safely. Our expert kitchen designers can take all of these options into account and come up with the most suitable kitchen layout for you.

traditional family kitchen design from Schuller
work out what your ‘look’ is going to be

What’s my style?

After considering the practicalities, you can finally get to the fun! Our kitchen designers take into account your sense of style, colour choices, preferred materials and come up with a fabulous design that will suit you. There are so many options out there so choose something that suits you best - maybe you’ve been attracted to designs that feature bold colours, or a rambling farmhouse kitchen with a huge central table. Or possibly a sleek, minimalist block with hidden appliances has taken your fancy?

traditional kitchen design with curved cabinets
A kitchen is often the heart of a home

Where do I want my lights and heating?

At this planning stage, you should also consider accompanying elements of the kitchen design, such as lighting and heating. It’s so important to get your lighting right, not only to create a welcoming atmosphere, but to see clearly while you’re cooking.You may decide to keep your toes warm with underfloor heating or plinth heaters, or otherwise you might need to find a good spot for a radiator. It's important to let our kitchen designer know if you plan to add any of these features at the start of the design process.

modern kitchen with kitchen island and stools
Pack personality into your kitchen

What are you waiting for?

The final question to ask yourself is why wait? It's best to get stuck into your project when the ideas are fresh in your mind and you are clear on what you are looking for. The more ideas and information you can give our kitchen designers about your home and kitchen dreams the better. Get in touch today to request a design consultation with our expert designers.



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