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5 Pro Tips To Make Your Bathroom Look Beautiful

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

It’s those clever designer touches that can help elevate a bathroom from functional to fabulous. Want to know how the professionals do it? Take a look at these gorgeous spaces to find some inspiration for your own home.

illuminate round mirror in blue bathroom

Shed some light

Thoughtful lighting can have a huge impact on the finished look and feel of your bathroom. As well as general, ambient light that brightens the whole space, it’s a good idea to incorporate some softer illumination, too, to create a calm atmosphere. In this bathroom, the illuminated mirror added an extra dimension and help to frame the bath tub.

green bathroom tiles

Target colour

You can get away with bold design in even the smallest of bathrooms, but the key is to be strategic with colour. The mix of colours gives the space personality, but the whole thing feels cohesive thanks to the limited and coordinated palette. Be bold with colour but do so sparingly. It's important your colour choices make the room feel bigger and more luxurious.

large walk in shower with white marble tiles

Add splashback

Imagine this space without the marble splashback – it would still be nice, but probably not as special as it is now. The marble tiles stretching all the way around the room create a large, luxurious feel. Splashbacks can match you tiles or even be completely different to draw attention to the vanity unit. They are also great for keeping your vanity unit area easy to clean.

wood panel bathroom wall and white bath tub

Think outside the box

It pays to do something different if you want to create a unique space. This bathroom is a prime example with the bold wood wall panelling feature. Add your own flare and personality to your bathroom design, not only will you love it more but others will too! There are loads of ways to make your bathroom unique including wood, marble and bold colours.

blue bathroom tiles in walk in shower

Play with pattern

When it comes to transforming your bathroom into the extra ordinary pattern plays a key part. One of the easiest ways to add pattern is using tiles, these immediately add character and glam to your bathroom. You can also add pattern using flooring, wallpaper and splashback.

Would you like to chat to one of our designers about any bathroom ideas you've seen above? Contact us today to arrange a showroom appointment.

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