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10 Ideas For Luxury Walk In Showers

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

From rich colours to warm metals and gorgeous lighting, be inspired to revamp your bathroom with these opulent walk in shower designs.

modern walk in shower screen with grey tiles and white vanity unit
The Drape - Fixed Panel

This digital print shower screen is the perfect combination of a strong design and a soft silhouette. With a subtle digital vertical cotton style design to simulate a gentle curtain, it creates a modern unique walk-in shower space that befits bathrooms of all sizes.

luxury walk in shower with blue tiles and gold brass fixtures
Fixed Panel & End Return Panel

Create a walk-in shower experience like no other with this luxurious configuration. The fixed panel with 90° return panel, it reinterprets corner showers and allows the space to feel luxurious. Combined with the bold colour tile choice and brass fixtures this shower grabs your attention as soon as you enter the bathroom.

modern grey bathroom design in Stirling with neo angle corner shower
Neo Angle Enclosure

This unique corner configuration is a neo-angle showering space immediately adding a sense of luxury to your bathroom using it's shape and style. Cut to fit corners perfectly while optimising on space, this three panel configuration features a central door for easy access. The subtle tile pattern adds texture to the space.

white marble bathroom with frameless sliding shower door
Frameless Sliding Door

This indulgent sliding door shower space includes bold black fixtures and a soft marble wall. The strong floor tiles and the subtle wooden furniture make an excellent combination. Discover luxury, style and practicality rolled into one with this frameless shower option.

blue bathroom design in Stirling using freestanding shower screen and patterned floor tiles
Free Standing Fixed Panel

Redefining space and luxury, this fixed standing panel shower screen creates a luxury walk-in experience in any bathroom. This freestanding shower screen gives the illusion of space, even in compact environments. Discover the freedom when you move away from contemporary cubicles and into undeniable luxury.

bold moroccan print shower screen in white bathroom
Marrakech - Moroccan Print

The Marrakech is a bold, luxurious design. It's a strong bold digital Moroccan design to simulate the beautiful patterns from North Africa, it creates a modern unique walk-in black shower enclosure that befits bathrooms of all sizes. You can pair it with a full Moroccan style bathroom or use it as a one off feature in your bathroom.

rustic bathroom with wooden furniture and single door walk in shower
Single Door Alcove Shower

Simple but suited to near on every home, this recess panel allows you to create a shower space in any alcove within your bathroom. It is a minimalist of transforming the layout of your bathroom while adding luxury to your evening shower. The addition of the wooden furniture gives this bathroom a rustic, homely feel.

modern black and gold bathroom design with shower
Fixed Panel - Horizontal Feature

With bold digital horizontal lines, this shower creates a modern deco walk-in shower space. The modern combination of bold black lines and gold brass fixtures create a luxurious, modern shower space. The single panel screen has an industrial feel to it.

minimalistic shower space with black fixtures
Modern Single Screen

Versatile in its simplicity, it creates a modern walk-in shower space that befits bathrooms of all sizes. This shower is almost invisible in the bathroom making the room appear much larger. This modern, minimalistic shower space is perfect for bright, white bathrooms.

luxury white marble bathroom with gold shower
Incline Panel & Door

The versatility of this design is one reason it is regularly chosen for unusually shaped bathrooms and those seeking unique design. A hinged door sits between two fixed panels, each of which can be cut to accommodate sloped ceilings or half columns. Add the final touch of personality with different glass colours and fixture finishes such as this luxurious brushed gold.

If you want to transform your shower space our bathroom designer can help you! Contact us today to book a free design consultation.

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