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Why Choose Silestone Kitchen Worktops?

If you're looking to transform your kitchen Silestone kitchen worktops might be the best option for you. Silestone transforms your kitchen into a healthy, sustainable and personal space.

Black marble cosentino silestone kitchen worktop

The original quartz

Silestone is a hybrid surface made from premium natural minerals and recycled materials. Manufactured by Cosentino with the exclusive and innovative HybriQ technology, a more sustainable approach to architectural surfaces. Cosentino offer a 25 year warranty with their Silestone worktops giving you complete peace of mind.

white integrity silestone sink in modern kitchen design

A sustainable, pioneering brand

Cosentino are committed to sustainability and Silestone is manufactured with 100% renewable energy, 98% recycled water, premium minerals and a minimum of 20% recycled materials. HybriQ+ uses a minimum of 20% recycled materials in its composition, such as glass, and its manufacturing process is powered entirely by renewable energy and recycled water. Sustainability and innovation come together in a surface composed of minerals and recycled materials that provide depth of colour and high performance.

black silestone worktop on wooden kitchen island

Highly resistant

The biggest benefit of choosing Silestone worktops is it's high resistance to stains and knocks. Not only is it highly resistant to scratches and stains but it is also highly resistant to high impact. These benefits keep your worktop looking luxurious throughout the years.

modern white silestone kitchen island

Silestone Textures

Silestone worktops are produced in a variety of textures to suit any kitchen design. Polished - Extremely glossy and smooth texture with an intense and consistent colour. Suede - Extremely glossy and smooth texture with an intense and consistent colour. Volcano - A rough, rustic texture, which at the same time is attractive, soft and pleasant.

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