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Why Choose Dekton Kitchen Worktops?

Dekton is Cosentino's innovative, ultra-compact and high-performance surface that offers endless design possibilities for outdoor and indoor spaces. With many colours and limitless designs available take a look at the benefits of Dekton below:

dekton white marble kitchen worktop island

High performance

Dekton is a sophisticated mixture of more than 20 minerals extracted from nature. Its production process is the result of years of learning and inspiration to make glass, latest-generation porcelain tiles and quartz surfaces. Thanks to the large format size available and the lightness of Dekton, the design possibilities for your kitchen worktops are growing exponentially.

stone dekton kitchen worktop with white gloss units

It resists everything

Extremely resistant to scratching, virtually zero porosity and highly resistant to aggressive chemical products used in kitchens and bathrooms. Easy maintenance, no traces of fingerprints or marks and maximum durability. Cosentino have given their Dekton worktops a 25 year guarantee.

modern white and grey kitchen design with dekton marble wotkop

Relentless to heat

One of the many benefits of Dekton is it's resistance to heat. Particularly useful when using Dekton as your kitchen worktop. The worktops withstand such high temperatures that fire and extreme heat won't damage the surface making it the perfect kitchen worktop material.

white kitchen design with marble dekton worktop on the island and wooden stools

Unlimited possibilities

Dekton comes in a huge variety of colours making the design possibilities endless. From their natural collection including marble effect and stone effect to their stunning solid colours there's a Dekton worktop to suit every kitchen.

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