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Why Choose A Wall Hung Vanity Unit?

So why choose a wall hung vanity unit? Put simply, wall hung vanity units save space, making them perfect in smaller bathroom suites. The convenience of a wall hung vanity unit does not stop there though, they also come in a wealth of designs for larger bathroom suites, with brands like HiB & Utopia creating some striking vanity unit designs.

Crosswater Arena bathroom vanity unit light wood
Crosswater Arena vanity unit

Choose space

Wall hung vanity units are the ideal option for a smaller bathroom space as they give you the illusion of more room and light in your wash space. The space underneath keeps the bathroom looking sleek and tidy as well as allowing for extra storage space if needed.

Tranquil HiB grey bathroom floating vanity unit in modern bathroom
Tranquil HiB vanity unit

Keep it modern

Wall hung vanity units are all the range at the moment and will ensure your wash space is modern and trendy. With so many colours and shapes available it's easy to match a modern unit to your new bathroom style. Try combining a dark, sleek vanity unit with bright white tiles and surroundings to make a feature wall.

new bathroom design in Stirling with Opula Utopia vanity unit and green tiles
Opula Utopia vanity unit

Show off your tiles

Your tiles are often one of the coolest and most important features of your new bathroom design so you want to be able to show them off. As a wall hung vanity unit takes up less wall space and no floor space, it's a great way of leaving your fantastic feature tiles visible.

mint green Halo Utopia vanity unit with white bathroom wall tiles
Halo Utopia vanity unit

Easy clean

Wall hung vanity units are compact and have plenty of space around them making them easy to clean. The space underneath allows you to keep the floor clean and tidy and the space around them lets you get to work on the tiles and mirror without any obstructions. They're also ideal for maintenance as they allow for easy access if plumbing work needs to be done.

Have you seen something you like? Get in touch with our expert bathroom designers today to find out more.

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