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Why AEG The Best Appliance Choice For Your New Kitchen

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

When choosing your new kitchen appliances there's no better choice than AEG. Enjoy exceptional performance and stunning style with AEG's range of kitchen appliances for both cooking and cleaning.

Built in ovens

AEG built in ovens - matt black

With the right appliances you can re-define the main course and eat more sustainably without sacrificing on taste. So you can live on your terms while caring for the environment. Why settle for the same old when you can set the new standard.

Mix and match the appliances you need to create your own kitchen. Choose from a range of three feature packed ovens and state-of-the-art hood, then compliment them with your choice of special appliances.

Warming Drawer

Black AEG warming drawer

Keep every dish warm until the moment of serving with an AEG warming drawer. The high-performance fan ensures heat is evenly circulated and doesn't dry your food out meaning you have excellent results every time.

A warming drawer isn't just for your meals - emulate restaurant chefs by warming your plates, cups and glasses so your dishes are always served piping hot. What's more, you can bake like a professional as the food drawer is also the perfect place for letting dough rise.


Luxury AEG chrome dishwasher

Energy smart, powerful and with clever features – dishwashers from AEG make dishes cleaner and everyday life easier.

The AEG ComfortLift is the first dishwasher in the world that lets you gently slide and lift the lower basket upwards. With a dishwashing machine designed around your needs, you can unload more efficiently and stack more effectively. Dishwashing has never been easier with their range of smart and eco-friendly dishwashers.

Induction Hob

Matt black AEG induction hob

Create tastier dishes in less time with an induction hob from AEG. With superior temperature control, you can take your cooking to the next level with an electric induction hob. Easy to use and maintain, whether you're an amateur cook or a master chef, you can switch from simmer to boiling in seconds.

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