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What Will Kitchens Look Like in 2022?

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

What will be the most popular kitchen design trends this year? Will modern kitchens remain popular or will Shaker cabinets become the favourite? We have given our insight into what homeowners will be prioritising in their kitchens over the next 12 months.

Space saving functionality

Over the past few years, the view of home has changed for many householders. Online schooling and home working highlighted the benefits of designing a functional interior and this outlook is set to continue. Clients are saying they need the kitchen to function as a human space, they want room for kids’ homework stuff and work office space now. To create extra storage space, you could use built in appliances and induction hobs for more surface space when not being used.

Smart Appliances

The quest for practicality is leading to a rise in popularity of appliances that make life easier, according to the professionals. Lots of people are going for smart fridge-freezers, so that when they’re out, they can see the contents of their fridge to pick up stuff at the supermarket. Or a smart oven they can turn on when they’re on the way home from the school run. An appliance we think will be big in 2022 is the Quooker boiling-water tap. We have a working one on display in our Stirling showroom if you would like to come in and give it a try!

Durable Surfaces

Reducing waste is a subject that’s increasingly important for renovators and with that comes the desire for materials that last. Worktops are key for cutting waste in the kitchen – they’re the surfaces that get the heaviest use and are most susceptible to wear and tear. One of our most popular durable surfaces is Dekton - highly scratch resistant, stain resistant and heat resistant.

Natural Colours

It seems the blue and grey kitchens that have been so popular over the past few years are making way for cosier hues. Expect warmer colours, such as taupe and anything with natural tones. Earth tones begin with dark brown, which you can dilute to create a variety of hues. Latte is a lighter brown that contrasts well with dusty green; add a bright worktop or floor to keep the room refreshing.

Display Cabinets

When choosing storage for a kitchen, there’s often a decision to be made between wall cabinets and open shelving. Closed storage is practical, but for some it’s a little plain. Open shelves, on the other hand, add character, but aren’t so practical if you’re concerned about dust and tidiness. The answer for 2022 comes in the shape of a glass-fronted cabinet.

If you would like to jump on trend and start your kitchen transformation today contact our designer here.

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