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What Will Bathrooms Look Like in 2022?

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

What will be the most popular bathroom design trends this year? Will modern bathrooms remain popular or will traditional cabinets become the favourite? We have given our insight into what homeowners will be prioritising in their bathrooms over the next 12 months.

Baths for relaxing

Relaxation seems to be the key word for interiors in 2022, and the bathroom is no exception, with homeowners requesting a cocooning space in which to unwind. Freestanding bath tubs have become particularly popular in the last few years and can be a stunning statement piece in a brand new bathroom.

Natural materials

We have seen more interest in natural materials in bathroom design, and predict stone and wood featuring heavily in 2022. People are using wood a lot in the bathroom, whether it’s a vanity unit or a full wooden feature wall this is sure to be a trend setter this year. It's hard to resist the warmth, texture, and authenticity of wood. Next to stone, it's one of the most beloved materials used in home décor.

Bold taps & tiles

Plain tiles and understated taps are set to make way for bolder styles and braver choices in 2022. There are so many fantastic shapes and colours, that people are thinking a bit more outside the box with finishes and colours. Taps are also becoming more of a feature as clients are now looking for bolder and luxurious styles.

Targeted heating

Heating is a hot topic this year with the new ways of targeting specific areas of the bathroom in order to cut down on cost and environmental impact, and also to save wall space. Towel radiators are available in all sorts of shapes and colours now. These can provide targeted heat without taking up too much wall space, which is useful in a small room. Underfloor heating is still popular and an added luxury to your new bathroom.

Water saving

The quest for sustainability is driving change in bathroom design, with more water-saving devices set to make an entrance in 2022. One piece of technology we're seeing appear more is a closed-loop shower system that recycles the water. There are a lot of eco-friendly bathroom options now so ask your designer when making your choices!

If you would like to jump on trend and start your bathroom transformation today contact our designer here.

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