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Smart Kitchen Technology

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

As a Premier Partner of AEG, our kitchen designs feature some luxurious smart kitchen technology from AEG. With a range of connected appliances, AEG is focused in creating unique experiences, whether that is delicious recipes and guidance to take your cooking to the next level or tips and customised care to keep your clothes looking fresher for longer. So feel more in control whether at home or elsewhere with monitoring, remote control, voice commands, images, and more in your connected AEG experience.

App Connectivity

Control your kitchen appliances with ease from your own mobile phone. Connect your AEG smart appliances to make make your everyday tasks both easier and more convenient.

Remotely manage your appliances, utilise Google Assistant, and get personalised assistance – all with the My AEG Kitchen App.

Smart Kitchen Journey

When you choose AEG you are buying more than just an appliance. The innovative app features help you achieve great taste and assist you through the kitchen journey.

Be inspired and cook to perfection by finding recipes and expanding your cooking repertoire. You can connect your smart kitchen appliance with the Innit app and use the Google Assistant voice control when your hands are dirty to control your appliance.

Plan and preserve with Smarter FridgeCam - You'll always know what you have and when things go bad.

Digital Integration

Not only are many of the appliances highly advanced but the app makes life even easier. In the app you will find user-friendly guides, making onboarding and product registration an effortless process. The app also works as an extension of your appliance, assisting you with remote monitoring and control as well as with organizing your favourite recipes.

Enjoy the full experience of your smart kitchen product.


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