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Schüller’s Kitchen Wall Storage Solutions

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Panel System

schuller kitchen storage wall hung panel system

The innovative wall hung panel system from Schüller allows you to keep your most used kitchen accessories to hand whether that is a shelf for spices or hooks for your most used cooking utensils. The genius storage system allows accessories to slot into the spaces on the wall panel. Accessories include knife blocks, storage shelves and kitchen roll holders.

Ceiling Hung Frame Racks

dark grey schuller kitchen with large island in the centre and ceiling hung storage

Not only does the ceiling hung frame rack make a fabulous space saving addition to any new Schüller kitchen but also adds an element of style. Save space by hanging pots, pans and utensils above your kitchen island to enable more cupboard space and a clear worktop for cooking and hosting in your brand new kitchen.

Living and Working Space

modern wooden kitchen open plan in living space

Matching furniture styles and colour palettes across the living room, kitchen and built-in home office is an elegant way of creating a harmonious environment as well as making the most of the storage space available. Create structure and subtle contrast between different areas with modular panels, enclosed corner units and clever use of custom lighting.

To view some of these storage solutions in person pop into our kitchen showroom in Stirling.


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