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Quooker - The Tap That Does It All

We consider the Quooker Tap to be an essential accessory for the kitchen lover who values convenience and efficiency. This beautifully designed range of taps offers all the features you could ever wish for - instant boiling water, hot & cold water & filtered water.

quooker boiling water tap

Why would you want a Quooker tap?

There’s no need for a kettle when you can have all the boiling water you need straight away. As well as making kitchen work much quicker, Quooker taps also make it a lot easier. No need to worry about the clutter and maintenance of an additional appliance; using a Quooker tap brings your kitchen one step closer to complete efficiency.

matt black quooker tap

What Quooker tap do I need?

The Quooker tap comes in a range of styles and configurations. The best Quooker for you depends on your style preferences and the features you require. The taps are available as fully featured mixers in the Flex, Fusion and Classic, whilst the Nordic style offers a twin tap option. The taps come in square or round shapes, as well as a range of surface finishes. Popular surface finishes include steel, gold, black and brass, depending on the model you choose.

stainless steel quooker tap

How does it work?

In its basic form, The Quooker is a boiling water tap. The chilled and sparkling features come from The CUBE, which is an additional unit that connects to the Quooker’s vacuum tank. The CUBE contains cooling elements and two filters, which all help it produce perfectly chilled, great tasting water. The additional CO² cylinder connects to the CUBE and a quick push and turn of the knurled twist dial will deliver cool, sparkling water straight from the spout.

quooker tap instructions

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