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Popular Bathroom Design Trends Winter 2021

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Colours, surfaces and sanitaryware are all getting a luxury upgrade in bathrooms this year. People are are looking for features to create a bathroom that’s a cut above the standard functional washspace. See the most popular trends this winter below.

Terrific Tubs

It’s all about the long, relaxing soak this year, as luxurious baths have risen in popularity. The search term ‘freestanding bath’ rose by 228% in 2021 compared to 2020, while the term ‘slipper bath’ increased by 237%. The curved designs of these types of baths are reminiscent of the trend for soft-shaped, comfortable furniture that is on the rise.


As baths are an occasional treat, a shower is really the main daily washing event. And it seems these areas are getting the luxury treatment, too, as the majority are looking for something a little more special than the standard shower enclosure. The search term ‘walk-in shower’ rose in popularity by 116% in 2021, and there were 518% more searches for ‘wetrooms’.

Colour & character

Homeowners are becoming increasingly creative with their home colour choices, and this confidence doesn’t stop in the bathroom. It seems we’re no longer set on a minimal white washspace and are embracing a more varied palette. In 2021, the terms ‘pink bathroom’ and ‘blue bathroom’ both appeared in around 50% more searches, while ‘green tiled bathroom’ saw an increase of 124%.

Wooden Panels

Interesting surfaces are also key when it comes to adding character to your home, and a popular example is wooden wall panels. This beautifully rustic material is popping up all over the home and looks fantastic in bathrooms. The wood brings a sense of warmth to the bathroom and creates a great focal point.

Have you seen a design trend you would love to use in your bathroom? Contact our bathroom designer today and make a design appointment at

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