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Planning A Family Kitchen? Here's Your Essential Checklist

When you're planning a family kitchen there are many factors to consider however practicality is top of the list. Take a look at this checklist to find out how to design a space that works best for you and your family.

Make space for a kitchen table

modern white and grey family kitchen layout

If you have space available, a kitchen table will be a great help if you have a young family. This is great for family mealtimes but also for homework, crafts and social time together. If you are tight on space another option is to add seating to the end of an island or a breakfast bar.

Encourage tidiness

grey schuller drawer with wooden drawer organising storage

As a busy family it is worth adding some drawer organisers and storage to keep your kitchen tidy and clutter free. Schuller have a variety of wooden drawer organisers, cutlery trays and drawer storage cubes available. This way everyone can help with tidying up and will be clear on where everything goes.

Clear the decks

modern grey german kitchen design with wall rail storage

Keeping your work surface clear is not only safe and practical but also hygienic. Adding a rail system to your wall keeps kitchen utensils out of reach from little ones and ensures your work surfaces are free for preparation and cooking. This also creates room for cooking together as a family.

Organise your cupboards

schuller german pull out larder

As a family, sometimes meal times can be rushed and you have to whip up a meal quickly. Keeping your cupboards and pantry organised helps make this easier and Schuller's pull out larder if the perfect addition to your kitchen.


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