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Key Elements For A Family Bathroom

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Don’t forget these essential items to ensure your family bathroom works well for the whole household.

blue and white bathroom with shower, freestanding bathtub and vanity unit modern bathroom design
Make life easier for you and your kids with these handy tips

Install easy-access storage

When a number of people are using a bathroom, there will inevitably be more stuff to accommodate. With children, there’s the added challenge of mixing safe, out-of-reach storage with some they can access easily. Place open shelves or a cupboard at ground level, where kids can take out and tidy away toys or fresh towels. Combine this with higher-level storage for toiletries and medicines that could be unsafe for young children.

cream family bathroom with freestanding bathtub
Design a wash space that works for everyone

Consider your bathing options

If space isn’t an issue, it makes perfect sense to have a separate bath and shower enclosure. You don’t have to compromise on style if you combine the two, a frameless door adds to the streamlined look. Or if you have the space get the best of both worlds with a separate bath and shower area!

white modern bathroom design with marble wall
Get expert advice on layout options

Tap into safety

When it comes to choosing taps, go for a single mixer design rather than separate hot and cold fittings. This will help to prevent children scalding themselves by turning on a very hot tap. Lever taps, are ideal, as they’re easy for children to operate. Small hands can pull up the lever and keep it set in a central position.

modern grey bathroom with floating vanity unit and mirror
Strike a balance between practicality and luxury

Make cleaning easy

In a busy household, the bathroom will probably see some wear and tear, so choose surfaces that are easy to keep clean and well maintained. Go for flat-fronted, handless cabinets, so dust and grime doesn’t gather around small details, and opt for wipeable tiles on the walls. Grout has a tendency to show up dirt, so large-scale tiles with minimal joints are a good option.

wooden bathroom with bathtub
It's important to make it both practical & stylish

Get in touch with our expert bathroom designers today to bring your dream family bathroom to a reality!

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