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How To Make The Most Out Of A Cloakroom

Chances are your cloakroom is the smallest room in your home, but that doesn't mean it takes any less planning. In a room where space is limited you will need to think carefully about sanitryware, storage, light and heat. Check out our top tips below to see how to make the most out of your cloakroom.

Under the stairs

sage green bathroom furniture with black bathroom radiator

Utilising unused space under your staircase is the perfect way to make room for a small cloakroom in your home. It is important to make sure you have enough head room and space to move around once you have added your sanitryware and furniture. These spaces can usually allow for a wc, a small washbasin and sometimes even some storage. A great addition to your home especially if you have guests over a lot.

Location is key

modern small bathroom with white tiles and brushed brass tap

To make installation as easy and as cheap as possible it is best to locate your cloakroom next to existing plumbing if possible for example close to the kitchen or upstairs bathroom. Not only will this improve the installation experience but it will also reduce the cost of the installation.

Space savers

black and white bathroom design with wood panel

When creating a cloakroom space is usually limited so space saving products are vital. There are many small basins and short projection wc pans available now to help with space maximisation. Wall hung furniture is also a major space saver and allows for easy cleaning underneath.

Let there be light

small cloakroom bathroom under the stairs with illuminated hib mirror

Cloakrooms normally suffer from lack of light due to there being no natural light in the room. Make sure to include an illuminated mirror in your plans for extra light to make the room feel more welcoming.

Heat it up

modern small bathroom design in Stirling

Is it easy to prioritise the sanitryware and furniture when designing your new cloakroom however don't forget to include some form of heat. Despite being a small space they can get chilly so it's important to add a radiator or heated towel rail. A wall hung towel rail will allow you to keep valuable floor space free.


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