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How To Get Your Kitchen Ready For Christmas

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

It's the busiest time of year for most of us and the busiest time of year for your kitchen as well! Weather you're hosting the whole family or having a quieter day - Christmas dinner is the centre of the day and therefore your kitchen is one of the most important rooms to prepare. Follow our quick and easy guide to preparing your kitchen for Christmas.

traditional white kitchen decorated for Christmas

Declutter and create space

If there's ever a time to make use of every inch of free worktop space you have available it's when preparing a big Christmas dinner for the whole family. Declutter the drawers, cabinets and remove anything unnecessary from the worktops. This will allow you to pre-cook, store and layout anything you need in the days before making it much easier on the busiest day of the year!

schuller kitchen drawer organiser

Organisation is key

Make use of your drawer organisers and wall hung storage to pre-arrange anything you might need while cooking. Swap out your usual herbs for your Christmas dinner herbs and make sure you've got all your cutlery, plates and bowls organised and ready to go. Not only does this help you ensure you've got everything you need but also allows guests to help.

dark blue kitchen with brass brassware


Christmas is the perfect opportunity to swap out some of those bright, summer colours for warm reds and deep greens. Try adding some candles or some decorations to match your brassware. It is always advisable to be very careful when adding decorations to your kitchen to ensure anything flammable is kept in a safe place.

modern black kitchen with built in AEG ovens

Oven Clean

If you're hosting Christmas dinner your oven is going to be working hard during the festive time so it's advisable to ensure you have given your oven a deep clean. We recommend AEG ovens appliances for their pyrolytic cleaning technology, what could be better than an oven that cleans itself? Dirt, food and grease residue in the oven is converted into ash that you can easily wipe off with a damp cloth.


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