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How To Design A Kitchen That's Easy To Clean

The kitchen tends to be the room in our home that requires a lot of cleaning. It is an important point to consider when re-designing your kitchen. Take a look at our top tips below to allow you to spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying your space.

Easy to clean splashback

schuller german kitchen with marble white worktop and splashback

Tiles are a popular choice for a kitchen splashback however they aren't the easiest to clean. Schüller have a variety of options such as glass, melamine or a flowing worktop for easy cleaning and a harmonious feel. Not only do all these options look fantastic but they are extremely robust and easy to maintain.

Smart, self cleaning appliances

aeg oven with white kitchen cabinets

We recommend choosing modern appliances with self-cleaning functions and smart cleaning solutions. AEG ovens now have pyrolytic cleaning meaning the oven does it's own cleaning so you don't have to! Many modern coffee machines also have a self clean function. This saves you a lot of time after cooking without comprising on quality or cleanliness.

Favour flat fronted cabinets

modern green schuller german kitchen design with white worktop

Choosing flat, non textured cabinet fronts prevents cooking residue or dirt forming on any grooves or ridges. Avoiding cut out pulls and opting for handles is also a good way to prevent crumbs or residue from harbouring on the ridge. These fronts are easy to wipe down and keep them looking brand new.

Be smart with your worktop choice

modern white marble dekton kitchen worktop

Our worktops are all Cosentino ensuring they are easy to clean, non porous and robust. Dekton is scratch, water and stain resistant making it the ultimate worktop material for ease of cleaning. The worktop can be the most used space of the kitchen so it's important to keep this pristine.

Consider hidden waste solutions

schuller waste storage solution

Keeping your food and kitchen waste out of sight is a priority when designing a new, clean kitchen. Schüller have clever waste sorting drawer solutions that not only allow your waste to be out of sight but also organised. The flexible bins help sort waste and recycling in up to 5 separate compartments keeping your kitchen clear and making it easy to remove.

If you would like to discuss your kitchen ideas with our expert kitchen designer please get in touch today via


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